The CDC’s Percy Julian Institute (PJI) was created to increase the representation of minorities, particularly African Americans, in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers. The PJI exposes middle school students and their parents to STEM experiences and to opportunities available in (STEM) fields. Because Medicine is a very prominent career area, the PJI focuses its Program on STEMM with the second M standing for Medicine.

Since 2014, PJI has participated in public events as exhibitors. These public events include the DC STEM Fair and the 2014 and 2016 USA Science & Engineering Festivals.


Use positive learning experiences to:

  • eliminate “STEMM-phobia
  • show power of STEMM to “give back” to our communities in a constructive manner
  • interest students in pursuing careers in STEMM fields



  • Work with selected middle schools to provide students with hands-on STEMM experiences, direct access to STEMM professionals, and interactions with peers
  • Work in partnership with scientific and educational professional societies to plan and stage school-approved classroom activities and field trips
  • Provide parents with information and resources to nurture their child’s interest in a career in a STEMM field
  • Donate STEMM educational materials to schools