The CDC’s public affairs programs include the Daniel A Payne Reclamation Program Core Group and the Circles of Twelve. The principal vehicles for this dimension are Stop the Pipeline to Prison: Create Educational Opportunities, Jobs & Wealth/Fairness and Sundays With The MET.

Stop the Pipeline to Prison

The issue of mass incarceration and the workings of the criminal justice system is the new civil rights issue for the twenty first century. The purpose of this program is to highlight the inherent issues related to the overrepresentation of minorities in the prison system. The work is nonpartisan and meant to bring together people from across the political spectrum to engage in productive dialogue in a setting which lends itself to problem–solving.

Sundays With The MET

The Sundays With The MET program is a special planned series of cultural, educational and faith-based events, held at Metropolitan AME Church and other area venues; it is designed to promote and engage citizens in the larger Washington, DC Metro-Area, providing a forum to increase knowledge about and become involved in critical issues of the day. Commentary on the ever-present need to address the still un-met social justice needs of people of color worldwide, and the continuing need for more individuals to take personal responsibility for the well-being of the people in the Diaspora is an integral part of the discussions. The unique program is designed and implemented by the Circles of Twelve, a group of women interested in honoring heritage, celebrating excellence and building their faith through service.