Economic Development

The Economic Development Program promotes prosperity and well-being through making financial and investment information and education available to the public, including those who are underserved. Program seeks to expand economic opportunity, increase self-sufficiency, and improve quality of life for individual and families.

For the seventh time, the CDC’s Economic Development Program has collaborated with PBS’ long-running personal finance show Moneywise with Kelvin Boston, and other strategic partners such as SunTrust and Industrial Bank, to host the Moneywise Financial Empowerment Tour, promoting financial, physical, and spiritual health to over 1600 residents of the metro area. The programs have featured distinguished financial experts, panel discussions, one-on-one credit coaching, financial planning models and exhibits.

Exhibitors from the D.C. Metro area provide information on jobs, housing, money management, the relation of overall health and wellness to financial wellness, and related areas.

The CDC also hosts the annual Achieving Financial Security: A Community Forum that is conducted by the National Capital Chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals.  At this forum, financial experts discussed issues covering a broad range of topics, including:  tax planning, wills, saving, investing, insurance, IRA’s, 401k’s, student loans, social security, estate planning and more.


 Click here to access the Achieving Financial Security event flyer.