The Educational Enhancement Program consists of three components: literacy and recidivism, Economic Development, and Community Economic Development. These programs are designed to assist participants in reaching their educational objectives and goals and enhance communities.

Literacy and Recidivism

The Daniel Alexander Payne Reclamation Program (DAPRP) helped, directed, and supported adults to successfully transition from prison into the community. Currently, the program is offering its literacy program leading to a high school equivalency degree. Adult volunteers, including retired teachers, participate as the program’s instructors, assist participants in preparing to take the GED examination.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Program promotes prosperity and well being through making financial and investment information and education available to the public, including those who are underserved. Program seeks to expand economic opportunity, increase self-sufficiency, and improve quality of life for individual and families.
For the fourth consecutive year, the CDC’s Economic Development Program collaborated with PBS’ long-running personal finance show Moneywise with Kelvin Boston, and other strategic partners such as SunTrust and Industrial Bank, to host the Moneywise Financial Empowerment Summit, promoting financial, physical, and spiritual health to over 300 residents of the metro area. The programs have featured distinguished financial experts, panel discussions, one-on-one credit coaching, financial planning models and exhibits.

Exhibitors from the D.C. Metro area provide information on jobs, housing, money management, the relation of overall health and wellness to financial wellness, and related areas.

Community Economic Development

The Community Development Program is currently under construction. The program will focus on revitalizing the areas that are not served well, including affordable housing. This program will seek to reverse the trend of gentrification and displacement of families in Washington DC community.

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